Ickworth, forget-me-nots and lambs.

I spent an hour this afternoon at Ickworth, the National Trust property and went around the Italian Garden.untitled (15 of 57)-1

The scenery was amazing and I also loved seeing the forget-me-nots (such a vivid blue) and the ferns unfurling.

untitled (22 of 57)-5untitled (21 of 57)-4

As we were  leaving the property I was impelled to take photographs of these adorable lambs.

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Feather Inspiration and various places

I found a beautiful crow feather on the back field. It has inspired me to make some gift tags with ink and watercolour, I am actually very pleased with them and later today I hope to be experimenting and adding some fabric. It’s all a bit scary I am actually doing something creative!


Last weekend we went to Columbia Road Flower Market in East London. I wanted some plants to put in pots by our back door, the rose, chocolate cosmos and delphiniums seem to be ideal and I love the colours .



On the wall where we parked was this amazing piece of art, a great big giant rat.

It made me smile and on looking around I saw this much smaller piece of wall art, at which point I started me giggling.


Later on in the week I travelled to Cheshire to see my Mum and sisters and spent a pleasant morning at Snugburys, where delicious ice cream was consumed and we visited the Da-Lick. A wonderful tribute to Dr WHO, a giant dalek made of straw. I have taken lots of pictures and will be using them during our Dr WHO day which is happening at the school where I work in October.


Da Lick aka Dalek


Also there I met up with some lovely pigs!



I am fascinated by these wonderful creatures.  They seem to be everywhere at the moment when I am out walking my dogs, Gunner and Morgan.  The colours of them  is wonderful I  would love a spotty skirt in these colours!



I love the book The Bad-tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle, I was then putting a link into the book and realised on the website of Eric Carle it seems to have changed its name and is now The Grouchy Ladybird .  I am not sure the ladybirds in my pictures were bad tempered/grouchy or just enjoying the sunshine!!  🙂

Also took this picture of a field mushroom, loved the dew around it!