Diversion into Exmoor

Earlier in the week  we had a road trip to collect a package,  we had to take diversion as the more direct route was closed.      What a lovely diversion we ended up on Exmoor and saw these below cows and horse.  Loved the beauty of the animals and the lovely colours of the ferns and heather in this wild place.August 2017 Devon and Somerset (14 of 166)August 2017 Devon and Somerset (33 of 166)August 2017 Devon and Somerset (61 of 166)

On our way back we passed by Stonehenge and I managed to capture this photo from the car,   love the moody sky.August 2017 Devon and Somerset (161 of 166)


Hay on Wye reflections

Last week we stayed near Hay on Wye for a family holiday, seven adults and two dogs and I had a lovely time catching up with reading and basically chilling out.   I went to Hay three times during the week and was taken by all the lovely displays and this window caught my eye and I love all of the reflections which are in it.   It has now become my background on my computer and it just makes me smile.Monkland Hay on Wye Weeds Horseheath 2017 (60 of 100)

This person reading made me want to make a similar piece for the school library.untitled (21 of 168)One of the highlights of the trip was finding a new author to read and having not read any Shirley Jackson I found two books by her and loved reading them.   Especially liked ‘We Have Always Lived in a Castle’ and was really taken with this fantastic book cover for ‘The Haunting of Hill House’,  so lovely reading a Gothic story and sitting in the warm sunshine.Monkland Hay on Wye Weeds Horseheath 2017 (33 of 100)Monkland Hay on Wye Weeds Horseheath 2017 (31 of 100)I had to mention the sweet shop and chocolate limes I saw and then bought,  the thrill of having them in a small paper bag,  the utter joy when I unwrapped one and popped it in my mouth.   It actually made me do lots of little claps and brought back memories of me eating them a long time ago when I went to the cinema to watch ‘An American Werewolf in London’,   it was really odd that a taste sensation brought back this memory.     My husband thinks I am a little mad after this strange episode and smiles whenever I mention them now.

Monkland Hay on Wye Weeds Horseheath 2017 (29 of 100)

My son spotted this duck cane and asked me to take the picture.   I particularly like it has raindrops all over it, ducks do seem to love water!

It was a great week and I am now reflecting on it and thinking…


Prickly purple flowers and the bees

Teasels and bees (31 of 37)

Teasels and bees (27 of 37)

The bees seemed to be drawn to these beautiful shades of purple,  the entrance to the field is now awash with thistles and teasels.    Also the sound of humming bees is very evident as the bees seem to be have a great time harvesting the pollen from these prickly flowers.   Having diligently looked into what are the colours bees are attracted to it seems they prefer the  purples, violets and blues.

Teasels and bees (21 of 37)Teasels and bees (26 of 37)

I haven’t seen so many bees in a long time and there must have been over a hundred in this small area.  All so very busy and it was a little bit of wonder watching them.  I hope you all have a happy Sunday and I will leave you with this marvelous quote…

“Bees do have a smell, you know, and if they don’t they should, for their feet are dusted with spices from a million flowers.” 
― Ray BradburyDandelion Wine

Trip to Durham

Yesterday I went to see my son Daniel at Durham where he is at University and I took the opportunity to do some homework on the way.   Yes it is never too late to learn new skills and I am presently just over half way through a night school course on Basic Digital Photography.

I have always been pleased with my photographs and just wanted to get the hang of the technical stuff on my camera.  Well I am loving the course and I am now seeing the world through a different lens (pardon the pun)    The course home work was a photo journal  and to incorporate  the skills we have learnt.    Well below are some of my photos from the journey…   (I hope you like them)


Peterborough Station and leading lines



Love this in black and white,  the movement of the person rushing “Your life hangs by a thread…”





Little Cat chilling


Durham Station


The bridge at the end of the river


Shop window and I did not go in!




Green gargoyle


Black and white


End of my journey….