Great Bardfield Bridleway Walk

We went out for a short walk to Great Bardfield and parked up and walked down a marked bridleway.    It was butterfly heaven and I was treated to seeing ‘Orange-tip’  ‘Holly Blue’ and  a ‘Speckled Wood’ butterflies.     This was especially great for me as the ‘Orange-tip has been an  elusive butterfly  as they never seem to settle for long.    It was so lovely walking along the path and seeing the countryside and hearing wonderful birdsong.

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Orange tip (folded back wings)

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Orange tip

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Holly Blue

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Speckled Wood

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Bridleway in Great Bardfield, Essex


Wicken Fen

Earlier in the week  I headed off to Wicken Fen with my sons.   It was a wonderful weather and from the moment we left the car we saw some amazing stuff.    First up was a couple of tree sparrows having a dust bath and then a muntjac deer  mooching about under a hedge.

Wicken Fen with boys (6 of 142)-1

A newly dusted Tree Sparrow

It was really good to see the sun and walk on the board walks through the reeds, chatting and taking in the sights and sounds.

Wicken Fen with boys (130 of 142)-12

The Wicken Fen Windmill Pump through the reeds

We saw lots of butterflies but my favourite was the ‘brimstone butterfly’  it is always one of the first I see each year and up until now I have never managed a photograph of one as they are so fast and never seem to settle anywhere.  However my son spotted one stopping and and saw that on closer inspection it looked like a leaf,  not the bright yellow but a green.

Wicken Fen with boys (48 of 142)-6


Wicken Fen with boys (94 of 142)-8


Wicken Fen with boys (73 of 142)-7

Speckled Wood

We saw some birds from the hides dotted around the reed beds and I particularly liked my Moorhen with the reflections in the reeds.   The Long-tailed tit is a little blurred, as is the Marsh Harrier.    But seeing this majestic bird flying above the reeds was a really spectacular and my picture does not do it justice.

Wicken Fen with boys (22 of 142)-4


Wicken Fen with boys (26 of 142)-5

Long tailed tit

Wicken Fen with boys (141 of 142)-13

Marsh Harrier