Anglesea Abbey, a Water Mill and spring flowers.

Today’s outing was to Anglesea Abbey and it was a great walk out in the sunshine.  We didn’t actually go into the house but did the winter trail and called in at Lode Mill.Anglesea Abbey 2017 (41 of 60)Anglesea Abbey 2017 (56 of 60)

We spotted a yellow wagtail bobbing about on the edge of the water and I could have watched him for a long time.

Anglesea Abbey 2017 (47 of 60)

A very relaxing stroll with lots of spring flowers and new foliage

Anglesea Abbey 2017 (7 of 60)Anglesea Abbey 2017 (8 of 60)Anglesea Abbey 2017 (52 of 60)Anglesea Abbey 2017 (14 of 60)



Wicken Fen

Earlier in the week  I headed off to Wicken Fen with my sons.   It was a wonderful weather and from the moment we left the car we saw some amazing stuff.    First up was a couple of tree sparrows having a dust bath and then a muntjac deer  mooching about under a hedge.

Wicken Fen with boys (6 of 142)-1

A newly dusted Tree Sparrow

It was really good to see the sun and walk on the board walks through the reeds, chatting and taking in the sights and sounds.

Wicken Fen with boys (130 of 142)-12

The Wicken Fen Windmill Pump through the reeds

We saw lots of butterflies but my favourite was the ‘brimstone butterfly’  it is always one of the first I see each year and up until now I have never managed a photograph of one as they are so fast and never seem to settle anywhere.  However my son spotted one stopping and and saw that on closer inspection it looked like a leaf,  not the bright yellow but a green.

Wicken Fen with boys (48 of 142)-6


Wicken Fen with boys (94 of 142)-8


Wicken Fen with boys (73 of 142)-7

Speckled Wood

We saw some birds from the hides dotted around the reed beds and I particularly liked my Moorhen with the reflections in the reeds.   The Long-tailed tit is a little blurred, as is the Marsh Harrier.    But seeing this majestic bird flying above the reeds was a really spectacular and my picture does not do it justice.

Wicken Fen with boys (22 of 142)-4


Wicken Fen with boys (26 of 142)-5

Long tailed tit

Wicken Fen with boys (141 of 142)-13

Marsh Harrier

Hay on Wye

I had a overnight break at Hay on Wye earlier in the week and it was lovely to get away and just enjoy the beauty of this lovely village.   We stayed at the Swan Hotel which was very friendly and comfortable.Hay on Wye (23 of 74)-4

I have decided not to fill this blog post with books but some of the other things which I saw as I wandered around.

Amazing shop windows, lots of windows had ‘book art’ dotted around in them.  Beautiful local pottery and the a wonderful shop of chandeliers.  Is the collective of chandeliers a lustre?

There is an old ruined castle in the centre and lots of little alleyways and roads with interesting doors.

A delightful waterfall, a bear in the woods and a robin bobbing about in the undergrowth.

It is a beautiful part of the world and it was good to slow down and walk.  Sometimes we speed along on our busy lives and forget the incredible beauty which is around us.

Frosty Morning

It was a cold and frosty morning here,   but what a wonderful treat the blue skies and a  twinkling on the frost laden landscape.  As I walked around he field with my dogs, I heard wrens, robins, great tits and jackdaws all filling my ears with their wonderful sounds.29th-january-2016-5-of-29-2

I loved seeing how the frost had transformed the things which I normally just pass by and hopefully the following photos give a glimpse of what I saw this morning.

Morgan my dog loved the walk and  whirling around in the frosty landscape and her coat lit up with the suns rays.   All in all it was a short piece of bliss taking in the world outside even though it was very cold, well home now blog post done and I do believe it is time to read Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman   One of my perks of being a librarian in a school I need to read so many books…  29th-january-2016-21-of-29-11

Oxford, Squarrels and Fungi

Extremely friendly squarrelLast Weekend I went to Oxford to see my son who is a University there.     He took us on a delightful walk where we met some incredibly friendly squirrels along the leaf strewn paths by the river,  a herd of cows on the meadow and the geese splashing about in the water.  Lots of fungi were bursting up around the decaying wood and the shapes and colours were so perfect.

It was a lovely autumnal day and it was good to see where he walks when he has the need for space and that is where we decided that squirrels should be forthwith known as squarrels.   🙂

Oxford October 2015-4


Oxford October 2015-11

Oxford October 2015-18Oxford October 2015-10Oxford October 2015-2-3


I went to see my Mum up in Cheshire a few days ago, she still lives in the same house that I grew up in and there are lots of fond memories.   On this visit I saw that the jackdaws were back,  their noisy raucous calls and then their comical walking on the roof and chimney pots.  My previous camera never got  close to them but on this occasion a much better result.


On getting back home I did this ink drawing of him/her.   I was reasonably pleased with the result, but alas  my husband is in shock!  I managed to do some art.


My mums garden is wonderful and during the summer you can always find some passionflowers, they are so wonderfully delicate looking and the colours.



New this year were the foxgloves I wanted to bring them home.


While I was there my Mum showed me a cardigan she had just finished.  The knitting yarn was lovely and she then told me she had bought it about 45 years ago and had never used it. So of course I had to take a picture of this old ball of yarn.


As always Barney was a delight to be with,  he is so adorable posing with one of his gnome friends.