Hay on Wye

I had a overnight break at Hay on Wye earlier in the week and it was lovely to get away and just enjoy the beauty of this lovely village.   We stayed at the Swan Hotel which was very friendly and comfortable.Hay on Wye (23 of 74)-4

I have decided not to fill this blog post with books but some of the other things which I saw as I wandered around.

Amazing shop windows, lots of windows had ‘book art’ dotted around in them.  Beautiful local pottery and the a wonderful shop of chandeliers.  Is the collective of chandeliers a lustre?

There is an old ruined castle in the centre and lots of little alleyways and roads with interesting doors.

A delightful waterfall, a bear in the woods and a robin bobbing about in the undergrowth.

It is a beautiful part of the world and it was good to slow down and walk.  Sometimes we speed along on our busy lives and forget the incredible beauty which is around us.


Smeuse (Sussex): ‘a hole in the base of a hedge made by the repeated passage of a small animal’. Now you know the word smeuse (pronounced ‘smee-ooze’), you’ll notice these signs of creaturely commute more often.

Robert MacFarlane put me on to this wonderful word when I read his book Landmarks

I love this word and now I know it I have been on the look out for a local smeuse and I found several.  (any excuse to use my new found knowledge with my camera)  We have local badgers, foxes, rabbits, hares, voles, mice, rats and weasels so who knows who has been going in and out?


untitled (7 of 11)-4

untitled (6 of 11)-3

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Trip to Durham

Yesterday I went to see my son Daniel at Durham where he is at University and I took the opportunity to do some homework on the way.   Yes it is never too late to learn new skills and I am presently just over half way through a night school course on Basic Digital Photography.

I have always been pleased with my photographs and just wanted to get the hang of the technical stuff on my camera.  Well I am loving the course and I am now seeing the world through a different lens (pardon the pun)    The course home work was a photo journal  and to incorporate  the skills we have learnt.    Well below are some of my photos from the journey…   (I hope you like them)


Peterborough Station and leading lines



Love this in black and white,  the movement of the person rushing “Your life hangs by a thread…”





Little Cat chilling


Durham Station


The bridge at the end of the river


Shop window and I did not go in!




Green gargoyle


Black and white


End of my journey….


A different day


A very different day out on the morning walk,  still frosty underfoot but with a fog which was hanging around in patches.    Needless to say that did not deter my faithful hounds as they set off towards the first point in our walk the little water channel and the big oak tree.  No birds singing and it had a very eerie feel to the walk with a watery sun occasionally staining the  grey sky.


Birds could be seen but they were noiseless hanging around the electricity wires and flitting on the ground.    The  vista was very beautiful, calm and eerie, another good start to the day,  although very different to yesterday.

30-december-2016-35-8Onward to home with the fog starting to lift slightly and then back to the sofa for a well earned rest.30-december-2016-50-10

Frosty Morning

It was a cold and frosty morning here,   but what a wonderful treat the blue skies and a  twinkling on the frost laden landscape.  As I walked around he field with my dogs, I heard wrens, robins, great tits and jackdaws all filling my ears with their wonderful sounds.29th-january-2016-5-of-29-2

I loved seeing how the frost had transformed the things which I normally just pass by and hopefully the following photos give a glimpse of what I saw this morning.

Morgan my dog loved the walk and  whirling around in the frosty landscape and her coat lit up with the suns rays.   All in all it was a short piece of bliss taking in the world outside even though it was very cold, well home now blog post done and I do believe it is time to read Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman   One of my perks of being a librarian in a school I need to read so many books…  29th-january-2016-21-of-29-11

Yay! Half term

It’s half term here and my did I need it.   It has been very hectic with the Linton Children’s Book Festival last weekend and the general day to day stuff of being a librarian.   (I do love my job)

I woke up and got out and walked my dogs and then had a look around my garden,  it was lovely the roses are flowering and I spotted a lovely vibrant yellow poppy.  28th May 2016

28th May 2016-3Further along the path I spied small clump of for-get-me-nots   these made me smile as they were a favourite of my Mum’s.28th May 2016-2We drove out to Clare and visited Harris and Harris Books and of course Little Cat got in on the act and posed as only he can.      It is a lovely bookshop and so welcoming,  we found a couple of books to take away and it was nice to just browse and see what is out there in the book world.   28th May 2016-4

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the world around you. 🙂



Sunday at the Linton Children’s Book Festival

Sunday at the Festival once again it was full on and amazing!    We had the wonderfully and entertaining James Mayhew (how does he manage to talk and draw at the same time) I woke up this morning a little tired but wanted marmalade on my toast, made with Spanish oranges of course! (this was mentioned in the tale he told)

I met Hilton Pashley who I think is a fabulous author and am loving reading ‘Gabriel’s Clock’ with my ‘read and cake’ group at the moment.  He talked about writing stories and was listened to by a very keen group of children.   We even saw a sneak preview of the manuscript for the next book, well the front cover at least 🙂

The fabulous Helen Moss was back again and was so enthusiastic and a truly great patron for us, Brian our Linton Lion really took to her.      While here she was on the author panel and impressed the audience along with the other panelists.  But loved the session she did with fellow author Robin Stevens about Mystery and Mayhem, a collection of short stories involving crime and such things and somehow a basket of pineapples got involved in the presentation.

What can I say about Candy Gourlay, she was vibrant, fun and a joy to watch in action.   I am now very keen to read her books.     Her passion in wanting to become an author was so lovely and I think everyone who listened to her were caught up in the magic of her life.

Needless to say the Library Cats were out and about and met up with lots of interesting people but I was a little surprised they were snapped in a cauldron.    Hmmm this could mean that trouble is brewing…..

Well it is now over for another two years but it was amazing and I was glad to be a part it. So thank you to all the organisers and volunteers and the authors who came and inspired us.  🙂