Diversion into Exmoor

Earlier in the week  we had a road trip to collect a package,  we had to take diversion as the more direct route was closed.      What a lovely diversion we ended up on Exmoor and saw these below cows and horse.  Loved the beauty of the animals and the lovely colours of the ferns and heather in this wild place.August 2017 Devon and Somerset (14 of 166)August 2017 Devon and Somerset (33 of 166)August 2017 Devon and Somerset (61 of 166)

On our way back we passed by Stonehenge and I managed to capture this photo from the car,   love the moody sky.August 2017 Devon and Somerset (161 of 166)


Great Bardfield Bridleway Walk

We went out for a short walk to Great Bardfield and parked up and walked down a marked bridleway.    It was butterfly heaven and I was treated to seeing ‘Orange-tip’  ‘Holly Blue’ and  a ‘Speckled Wood’ butterflies.     This was especially great for me as the ‘Orange-tip has been an  elusive butterfly  as they never seem to settle for long.    It was so lovely walking along the path and seeing the countryside and hearing wonderful birdsong.

untitled (4 of 27)

Orange tip (folded back wings)

untitled (6 of 27)

untitled (10 of 27)

Orange tip

untitled (16 of 27)

Holly Blue

untitled (24 of 27)

Speckled Wood

untitled (21 of 27)

Bridleway in Great Bardfield, Essex

Melford Hall, Little Cat and a Big Pig

Today’s excursion was to Melford Hall in Suffolk,  we didn’t go into the house but wandered around the outside area and gardens.  In the adjacent fields there were some big sheep, no lambs and one of them posed for his photograph.untitled (3 of 50)

untitled (11 of 50)

untitled (5 of 50)untitled (17 of 50) The weather was a little changeable so the blue sky in the above picture was not evident later on.  It was nice to see the tulips and daffodils still hanging on in there,   in lots of places they are now past their best.untitled (36 of 50)The garden we walked through was lovely and give it a couple of weeks the colours and varieties in borders will be amazing.untitled (28 of 50)Little Cat came along for the ride and true to form got into some photographs.untitled (35 of 50)

On our exit we saw the stand alone banqueting hall with its interesting staircase and architecture, at the moment it is also housing a small exhibition about Beatrix Potter as she used to visit here quite often to see friends.untitled (26 of 50)

On our way home back to Cambridgeshire we called in at a farm shop for some supplies and in the field next to the car park I met this ‘Big Pig’.  |He seemed very friendly and was happily munching on grass as I took his photographuntitled (47 of 50)


Smeuse (Sussex): ‘a hole in the base of a hedge made by the repeated passage of a small animal’. Now you know the word smeuse (pronounced ‘smee-ooze’), you’ll notice these signs of creaturely commute more often.

Robert MacFarlane put me on to this wonderful word when I read his book Landmarks

I love this word and now I know it I have been on the look out for a local smeuse and I found several.  (any excuse to use my new found knowledge with my camera)  We have local badgers, foxes, rabbits, hares, voles, mice, rats and weasels so who knows who has been going in and out?


untitled (7 of 11)-4

untitled (6 of 11)-3

untitled (4 of 11)-1