Dandelions, a red dye plant, Cow Parsley and a poem.

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Woke up this morning feeling so much better than yesterday.    A little fragile but much more alive.    I went walking with the dogs on the back field and was very taken with the dandelion seed heads, they were everywhere and looked so perfect.    The picture above is a moment in time,  the seeds will probably all been distributed on the wind later today from this one puff ball head.  The Dandelion is supposed to be the one plant which signifies the three celestial bodies,  the yellow flower the sun, the round puffball seed head the moon and the individual wind born seeds the stars.

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Also seen this morning were these beautiful blue flowers of the plant called Green Alkanet ( Pentaglottis sempervirens),  on researching this lovely looking weed I found out it was introduced to this country hundreds of years ago as it  very large roots can provide a rich red dye and its use of it  can be dated back to Egyptian times.  All a little odd as the flowers are blue!

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Cow Parsley is abundant along the lane to the field and it looks so delicate.    It is mentioned in the poem “Silent Noon” by Christina Rossetti or by her brother Dante Gabrielle, no one knows for sure.  I will leave this post with the words of the poem.

Silent Noon

Your hands lie open in the long fresh grass, –
The finger-points look through like rosy blooms:
Your eyes smile peace. The pasture gleams and glooms
‘Neath billowing skies that scatter and amass.
All round our nest, far as the eye can pass,
Are golden kingcup-fields with silver edge
Where the cow-parsley skirts the hawthorn-hedge.
‘Tis visible silence, still as the hour-glass.

Deep in the sun-searched growths the dragon-fly
Hangs like a blue thread loosened from the sky: –
So this wing’d hour is dropt to us from above.
Oh! clasp we to our hearts, for deathless dower,
This close-companioned inarticulate hour
When twofold silence was the song of love.




2 comments on “Dandelions, a red dye plant, Cow Parsley and a poem.

  1. Joan Pickford says:

    Lovely pictures and a good read. Didn’t know that about dandelions. 🙂

  2. ruthkeys says:

    It is amazing what you can find out about the ordinary stuff around us. 🙂

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