Paycocke’s House and Garden

The Paycocke House was built around 1500 and we visited it this afternoon and looked around the House and garden.  The Thomas Paycocke family were greatly involved with the cloth trade and the wonderful restoration of the inside is a testament to the wealth that was around during the 16th Century,    The inside had beautiful stained glass windowsuntitled (2 of 33)untitled (1 of 33)The beams inside the front of the house show intricate carvings and a small face was carved in one of them.  I wonder what things he could have seen over the life of the house?untitled (12 of 33)The Tudor dining room I was particularly taken by the teasels on seats attached to the place setting, so simple but beautiful.

untitled (15 of 33)Coggeshall White,  a product of the time.

untitled (29 of 33)untitled (26 of 33)The view of the house from the back garden.

Paycocke’s House was well worth a visit and it was a joy to wander around the garden which has beautiful lawns and flowers and a working vegetable garden.


2 comments on “Paycocke’s House and Garden

  1. Joan Pickford says:

    Lovely photos. Looks like a very interesting place.

  2. ruthkeys says:

    It was lovely and compact and also very interesting, I could have stayed all afternoon just sitting in the garden.

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