Smeuse (Sussex): ‘a hole in the base of a hedge made by the repeated passage of a small animal’. Now you know the word smeuse (pronounced ‘smee-ooze’), you’ll notice these signs of creaturely commute more often.

Robert MacFarlane put me on to this wonderful word when I read his book Landmarks

I love this word and now I know it I have been on the look out for a local smeuse and I found several.  (any excuse to use my new found knowledge with my camera)  We have local badgers, foxes, rabbits, hares, voles, mice, rats and weasels so who knows who has been going in and out?


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Trip to Durham

Yesterday I went to see my son Daniel at Durham where he is at University and I took the opportunity to do some homework on the way.   Yes it is never too late to learn new skills and I am presently just over half way through a night school course on Basic Digital Photography.

I have always been pleased with my photographs and just wanted to get the hang of the technical stuff on my camera.  Well I am loving the course and I am now seeing the world through a different lens (pardon the pun)    The course home work was a photo journal  and to incorporate  the skills we have learnt.    Well below are some of my photos from the journey…   (I hope you like them)


Peterborough Station and leading lines



Love this in black and white,  the movement of the person rushing “Your life hangs by a thread…”





Little Cat chilling


Durham Station


The bridge at the end of the river


Shop window and I did not go in!




Green gargoyle


Black and white


End of my journey….