Yay! Half term

It’s half term here and my did I need it.   It has been very hectic with the Linton Children’s Book Festival last weekend and the general day to day stuff of being a librarian.   (I do love my job)

I woke up and got out and walked my dogs and then had a look around my garden,  it was lovely the roses are flowering and I spotted a lovely vibrant yellow poppy.  28th May 2016

28th May 2016-3Further along the path I spied small clump of for-get-me-nots   these made me smile as they were a favourite of my Mum’s.28th May 2016-2We drove out to Clare and visited Harris and Harris Books and of course Little Cat got in on the act and posed as only he can.      It is a lovely bookshop and so welcoming,  we found a couple of books to take away and it was nice to just browse and see what is out there in the book world.   28th May 2016-4

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the world around you. 🙂




Sunday at the Linton Children’s Book Festival

Sunday at the Festival once again it was full on and amazing!    We had the wonderfully and entertaining James Mayhew (how does he manage to talk and draw at the same time) I woke up this morning a little tired but wanted marmalade on my toast, made with Spanish oranges of course! (this was mentioned in the tale he told)

I met Hilton Pashley who I think is a fabulous author and am loving reading ‘Gabriel’s Clock’ with my ‘read and cake’ group at the moment.  He talked about writing stories and was listened to by a very keen group of children.   We even saw a sneak preview of the manuscript for the next book, well the front cover at least 🙂

The fabulous Helen Moss was back again and was so enthusiastic and a truly great patron for us, Brian our Linton Lion really took to her.      While here she was on the author panel and impressed the audience along with the other panelists.  But loved the session she did with fellow author Robin Stevens about Mystery and Mayhem, a collection of short stories involving crime and such things and somehow a basket of pineapples got involved in the presentation.

What can I say about Candy Gourlay, she was vibrant, fun and a joy to watch in action.   I am now very keen to read her books.     Her passion in wanting to become an author was so lovely and I think everyone who listened to her were caught up in the magic of her life.

Needless to say the Library Cats were out and about and met up with lots of interesting people but I was a little surprised they were snapped in a cauldron.    Hmmm this could mean that trouble is brewing…..

Well it is now over for another two years but it was amazing and I was glad to be a part it. So thank you to all the organisers and volunteers and the authors who came and inspired us.  🙂

Little Cat and the Linton Children’s Bookfest 2016

Linton Children’s Book Festival Saturday

Well what a day and it is only day one, I was lucky to be a part of the Book Festival in Linton, Cambridgeshire and I was exhausted at the end but my did I see some inspirational people.  Little Cat loved hobnobbing with the great and the good, the place was full of children and their families and the place was buzzing.  It is wonderful seeing people engaging with books and the written word and enjoying themselves.    I have only mentioned a few of the things I got to see but there was so much more.

I saw John McCambridge,  he drew some amazing dragons and all the children and adults involved were hooked, he was such a good speaker and I left just wanting to go and draw.

Listened to SF Said talking about his books Varjak Paw and  Phoenix,   he was a great speaker and made me smile as he told us about the amount of drafts it takes to make a great book.   I do believe Little Cat thinks he is the ‘bees knees’ as Varjak Paw is his hero.

I shed a tear when listening to the wonderful Martin Impey as he explained why and how he made the wonderful collection of books about World War I. ‘Where the Poppies Grow’ ‘The Christmas Truce’ and ‘Flo of the Somme’.    Such beautiful illustrations with the words of Hilary Robinson.  If you ever get a chance to see him do,  it is a real treat!

And last but not least I met the wonderful AF Harrold.  Poet, writer and performer and what a charming person he is.   Loving the poetry book I got him to sign ‘Things you find in a poet’s beard’.

The event is all free and it is a great community event being held at Linton Village College, this is where I am the librarian.   The volunteers and organisers  who mainly come from the village are the unsung heroes and without them this wonderful event would not happen,  so all they do is very much appreciated.   It is wonderful seeing people engaging with books and the written word.

Well  off to see more today!   I hope you all have a lovely Sunday, I know I shall 🙂