‘Read and Cake’ and the wonder of reading out loud.

Work on a Friday lunchtime in the library is fun,  it is not really  work.   I provide a homemade cake and several copies of the same book and I read to a group of students who voluntarily just turn up to listen.   The  school library is busy but for half an hour they sit around a table and they listen to a story and then we discuss and eat cake.  We have read Goblins by Phillip Reeve, Hatchet by  Gary Paulsen3436B914-387D-473B-993D-F2D8F8A51C0A

We are now reading Gabriel’s Clock by Hilton Pashley, the students are already enjoying this one and we are only on chapter 3.   The book is excellent to read out loud and I have recommended it to several friends to read to their children and they have all gone on to read the next in the series.

It is wonderful to be able to do this and engage people with books and reading,  I feel very lucky to have this special time every Friday lunchtime.    I also suggest if you have time to watch this short  video  Why we should all be reading aloud to children | Rebecca Bellingham | TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet  it sums up exactly why we should still read out loud to our children and students.