Solva Woollen Mill

We are having a few days away in Wales and yesterday took the opportunity to visit the Solva Woollen Mill where I have wanted to visit for some time.  It is a working mill and has lots wonderful things to see, but my reason for visiting is I have a great love of the work of Jackie Morris who is and writer and illustrator and she sells some of her work here.     On September 24th the launch of two of her books ‘Something about a Bear’ and ‘Cat Walk’ will be at the Solva Woollen Mill, unfortunately I cannot get time off to go as I work in a school.    So I ordered the two books in the Mill and was also very fortunate to be able to have a sneak preview of the books.   They are amazing, beautiful and inspirational!

My friend ‘Little Cat’ came along for the ride and had a grand time, he met ‘sheep’ and ‘Anna’ (the owner) and had a super time looking at books and doing some shopping.     He is very hopeful that as we have been entered into the prize draw he may win the wonderful painting of ‘Mary’

If you are ever near this part of the world the Solva Woollen Mill is a wonderful place to visit


Poster advertising the upcoming launch of ‘Something about a Bear’ at the Solva Woollen Mill.


‘Little Cat’ with his new friend ‘sheep’ looking at the purrfect cat book.


‘Little Cat’ checking out the painting of ‘Mary’.


Mor Books and the Windrush Cafe Studio

On Skye we went to the most lovely cafe, The Windrush Cafe Studio  which comprised of a cafe, second hand book shop and designer/ vintage clothes shop. There I met the amazing Sandy and Steve who made us very welcome.    Winston Purchill and Little Cat (my library cats) had a brilliant time perusing the purchasable materials.  Needless to say I did take home books which were a wonderful addition to my growing library.


Mor Books and the Windrush Cafe Studio


The list of coffees was very long but after careful deliberation I went for a ‘kenya peaberry’ and it was lovely and complemented the ‘paradise slice’ which I consumed along side it.  It was then a  privilege to watch Sandy spin some fleece into wool, it was totally mesmerising,  and I could have watched for hours, the colours were beautiful.

So if you ever go to Skye make sure you visit the village of Struan where a very warm welcome awaits you at Mor Books and the Windrush Cafe. 


Just a few days ago I spied these lovely creatures outside of the front door of the house we were staying at on Skye.    At first I thought how cute these little rabbits were, but sitting watching them and how they jumped and played I realised my mistake.    They were baby hares or leverets to give them the correct name.


A wary hare!

I then spent every morning looking out for them.

Two leverets

Two leverets