A few hours in Ely

I was given the opportunity to go out for a few hours and my husband took me off to Ely.    It was very quiet in the city and we wandered to the bookshop ‘Topping and Company’.    This was lovely and after browsing for quite some time I managed to decide on what to buy.   I bought ‘The Old Ways’ by Robert MacFarlane, ‘Witchfinders‘ by Malcolm Gaskill and a wonderful  book called ‘Maps‘ by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski, which is a real treasure my son James and I had great fun looking at it later in the day.   Then it was a stroll back to the car.


A lovely view of Ely Cathedral, taken whilst I was sitting enjoying a pot of tea and a scone.

Ely June 7th 2014-22

A beautiful wall we came across on our way back to the car.



Boulogne sur Mer

Our annual year 7 school trip to France was yesterday,  it was a long day up at 4am and not back home until 10.30pm.    But a fabulous day for all, the students seemed to thoroughly enjoy it.    I took some nice photographs in the sea centre “Nausicaa“, obviously these few photos are all ‘sans’ students,  but I did take over 300 photographs of things we did throughout the day.  I hope you like the below we had a fantastic day and the weather was amazing.   Not like today we have a major storm at the moment.


Such a beautiful head and thoughtful eyes.

French Trip LVC 2014-90

Beautiful colours

French Trip LVC 2014-121

Interesting little chap

French Trip LVC 2014-154


French Trip LVC 2014-206

A beautiful piece of architecture.



Hare drawn with pencils

I have got into drawing with my coloured pencils again and really enjoyed doing this picture of a hare.   Locally I have seen hares but usually the back view of them going away.   All the photographs of them you get in magazines and books are of them with their heads popping up out of undergrowth, so here is my interpretation of that.   Hope you all have a nice Sunday.Image