Lavender, Sow Thistle and Morgan Lefay

Walking yesterday came across these bees and butterflies on some lavender and sow thistle.   Also we seem to have a major influx of cabbage butterflies (large whites) around here.   Is it the same all over the country?

And my last picture is of my favourite girl “Morgan lefay”  or “Mimmi” when we roll around the floor playing!

Hope your all having a good Tuesday.








2 comments on “Lavender, Sow Thistle and Morgan Lefay

  1. MILLY says:

    Lovely to see you posting. I enjoyed the butterfly photographs and agree there has been so many white ones this year. My buddliea has had some nice coloured butterflies. No ladybirds this year, have you?
    Elusive butterflies…just brought back memories listening to song.

  2. ruthkeys says:

    Thanks for the comment Milly. ‘Elusive Butterly’ just played it on youtube thanks for reminding me of it. It brought back lots of amazing memories for me too. On the question about ladybirds, I haven’t seen many at all 😦 Ruth

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