Beautiful Morning

Hello again!  

Its a beautiful morning here and I was up early and out walking my two dogs.    The local cows were at the bottom gate where I walk so spent a few minutes saying “hello”,  not sure they were that interested but they did look lovely.  Image






Interesting ball of spider webs

Another thing I came across was this tangle of a spider webs.    In the early morning sun it really stood out and the little drops of dew looked like diamonds.Image


As the dogs ran along in the grass a great many butterflies were disturbed and they were fluttering around.  This one stopped and looked so beautiful against the grass and the shadows.Image

My garden is a bit of a mess but the roses have been amazing.   The rambling rose I have seems to have taken on a desire to go up into the clouds.   It obviously will not find any today its already nearly 20 degrees and it is not yet 9am.   Also a major delight in my garden is my yucca is flowering.  Five tall spikes have appeared and the flowers are so amazing.   I haven’t ever seen it flower before so its a real treat this year.Image

It has been nearly a year since I last blogged and a lot in my life has changed.   I now have a fabulous new job running a school library and am having so much fun.   I have kept up reading other peoples blogs and they have been an inspiration at times, so thank you to all of the people who have blogs I follow.    I recently took part in our Local Flower Festival in Linton and put in an entry in for the school.   I was pleased with the result ‘Alice, The Hobbit and a Mockingbird’.  Other entries were amazing and one of the best was the one put together about Nelson Mandela.  Unfortunately my camera skills let me down so did not get a good picture.Image Alice, The Hobbit and a Mockingbird

Well hope you enjoy the photographs, its nice to be back. 🙂



2 comments on “Beautiful Morning

  1. knitsofacto says:

    Nice to have you back 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Welcome back, great news about your job. And thanks for your lovely comment today!

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