I have an ‘out of control’ buddleia’ in my garden and it is a cafe for the local butterfly population.

 Cafe Buddleia

I spent a long time getting these pictures, lots of missed shots, as soon as I had them in the viewfinder, ready to  focus and then they were gone….

‘Elusive Butterflies’ I thought and then this  brought to mind a song I used to hear when I was a child by Bob Lind.  It then brought lots of memories of  the record player at home, and  all the records in their paper sleeves.  My Mum and the garden, it all brought tears to my eyes.  Good times and wonderful memories.

A Red Admiral

A Peacock

Looking at the photographs now, I started wondering if butterflies remember and have memories about the time they were caterpillars?


Time, a trip and Pigneys Wood

Not been on here in while.   But now I am back and thought I would share some of the images I collected on my short trip to Norfolk over the weekend.  We visited Blickling Hall which was wonderful, the whole house was quite amazing the beautiful tapestries, paintings and furniture., however I did become a little obsessed with the wonderful clocks that were around the place.  A wonderful clock tower

The clock in the kitchen

They all got me thinking about “time”.  Where does all the time go?  I have been really bad recently on getting things done, there always seems to be a reason to put things off.   I am now trying to improve my management of time and doing things as they appear.  I am not sure if it helps but it certainly is less stressful!        We also visited a wonderful little place called Pigneys Wood ,  it was so lovely.   The following are some of the photographs I took.


Pig and Sidney my friends thought it a fantastic place to go!

An immature male, common darter.

I managed to take this photograph while we were walking along,  it is such a beautiful dragonfly.  Hopefully if “time” allows I will be back with another blog post soon!