I went to see my Mum up in Cheshire a few days ago, she still lives in the same house that I grew up in and there are lots of fond memories.   On this visit I saw that the jackdaws were back,  their noisy raucous calls and then their comical walking on the roof and chimney pots.  My previous camera never got  close to them but on this occasion a much better result.


On getting back home I did this ink drawing of him/her.   I was reasonably pleased with the result, but alas  my husband is in shock!  I managed to do some art.


My mums garden is wonderful and during the summer you can always find some passionflowers, they are so wonderfully delicate looking and the colours.



New this year were the foxgloves I wanted to bring them home.


While I was there my Mum showed me a cardigan she had just finished.  The knitting yarn was lovely and she then told me she had bought it about 45 years ago and had never used it. So of course I had to take a picture of this old ball of yarn.


As always Barney was a delight to be with,  he is so adorable posing with one of his gnome friends.


13 comments on “Jackdaws

  1. It’s a great picture. Looks like you had a lovely time.

  2. ruthkeys says:

    I did have a lovely time. It was great seeing my Mum and sisters.

  3. Mo Crow says:

    love your drawing of the jackdaw, there was that early 70’s song Jackdaw by Audience I have always wondered what one looked like, so thank you!

  4. MILLY says:

    Your mum has a lovely garden and I have no doubt that is were you have learned a love of flowers and nature. A great drawing of the bird, been doing something similar. As a teacher I understand the time issue, Hope you had a great half term.

  5. Great photos (Gorgeous dog too!)

  6. Alice C says:

    Sign me up for the Barney fan club!

  7. ruthkeys says:

    Barney has a large following of fans where he lives, he is so cute. Thanks for all the lovely comments, it is so nice to read them.

  8. knitsofacto says:

    Wow, your Mum kept that yarn a long while!

    And as for Barney … what a poppet!

  9. ann says:

    Barney is adorable! We have foxgloves blooming now too, I love see those and those passion flowers are gorgeous! And I love your drawing! So much patience drawing that with ink!

  10. thanks for dropping by and for leaving your lovely comment. I love your jackdaw, you are very clever. Now I like to think of myself as a bit of a hoarder but your mother, hoarding yarn for all those years .. that’s got to take some beating!

  11. It sounds like a lovely trip. I love your drawing!

  12. claire says:

    Oh Barney, you are one handsome fellow……..
    I love the Foxgloves, I hope the ones I planted look as nice and Passion flowers are amazing aren’t they?
    Sounds like a lovely visit with your mum Ruth and the Jackdaw drawing is great, they sound like birds with loads of character……..

    Claire :}

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