Snails and Flies

Today I was going on my morning dog walk and because its half term and I was going out later  and my husband joined me.   This enabled me to go with my camera,  the camera shake when trying to take pictures with two large dogs is really awful.  So here is what I managed to see today,  first thing I saw was this incredibly cute baby rabbit.

Baby Rabbit

I then came across lots of snails,  they had all strayed up some young trees just below the main branches,  the colour and textures were amazing.  I love anything with spiral patterns!

Snail with engravings

Snail stripes

Two snails

Looking closely at the snails I then spied other things to photograph,  I do not know the correct names for the following flying creatures, but loved that I managed to capture them.

Ready for take off!

It was a nice morning walk and as always I said hello to the horses.  Hopefully there will be more blog posts this week,  as I will have more time.  🙂

White horse


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