Poppies, what amazing flowers, I love the paper like quality of their petals and when these have fluttered and fell away we are left with the seed heads. They in turn, dry out and change colour and if you pick one they make a musical rattle full of black little seeds.ImageImageImage

ImagePoppies in a local field last year

I passed a field which was edged with poppies this morning, but unfortunately didn’t have my camera, as when dog walking it is difficult to hold leads and focus a camera. So have given up multitasking on these occasions. But I dug out this photo from last year and it reminded me of the significance of the poppies. (Remembrance Day Poppies) I looked at the linked site and found it inspiring and fascinating that a flower can symbolize so much!



I went to see my Mum up in Cheshire a few days ago, she still lives in the same house that I grew up in and there are lots of fond memories.   On this visit I saw that the jackdaws were back,  their noisy raucous calls and then their comical walking on the roof and chimney pots.  My previous camera never got  close to them but on this occasion a much better result.


On getting back home I did this ink drawing of him/her.   I was reasonably pleased with the result, but alas  my husband is in shock!  I managed to do some art.


My mums garden is wonderful and during the summer you can always find some passionflowers, they are so wonderfully delicate looking and the colours.



New this year were the foxgloves I wanted to bring them home.


While I was there my Mum showed me a cardigan she had just finished.  The knitting yarn was lovely and she then told me she had bought it about 45 years ago and had never used it. So of course I had to take a picture of this old ball of yarn.


As always Barney was a delight to be with,  he is so adorable posing with one of his gnome friends.

Jubilee Flowers

These are the flowers which I put together to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee in our Church.   I love the way the sun is lighting up the peony.   Later today our village is celebrating with a “bring a plate” party in the village hall. My contribution will probably be a chocolate cake, you can never have too much cake!  Just need to find some red, white and blue clothes.     Happy Jubilee Sunday to everyone. 🙂Imagerc

Right Now


 I came across this on a lovely blog so I decided to do it myself “right now” staying focused on the present, mindful and in the moment, an image from the week, with no words or a few words, that acknowledges the “right now”.  If you would like to join me in this mindful weekly exercise, put a link in the comments for this post to share your “right now” image.

Cornflower Blue


A short post, its raining here!   But outside my back door where the paving is broken a few brave cornflowers are flourishing.

Its a “blue sapphire” the colour is more purple than blue, the rain soaked bloom is amazing to look at and if you get down and look underneath you see the amazing design of the flower.  Such a wonderful pattern nature has given us.



Snails and Flies

Today I was going on my morning dog walk and because its half term and I was going out later  and my husband joined me.   This enabled me to go with my camera,  the camera shake when trying to take pictures with two large dogs is really awful.  So here is what I managed to see today,  first thing I saw was this incredibly cute baby rabbit.

Baby Rabbit

I then came across lots of snails,  they had all strayed up some young trees just below the main branches,  the colour and textures were amazing.  I love anything with spiral patterns!

Snail with engravings

Snail stripes

Two snails

Looking closely at the snails I then spied other things to photograph,  I do not know the correct names for the following flying creatures, but loved that I managed to capture them.

Ready for take off!

It was a nice morning walk and as always I said hello to the horses.  Hopefully there will be more blog posts this week,  as I will have more time.  🙂

White horse