Suffolk, Norfolk and some Heroes

My dear husband organised a trip this last weekend,  just me and him.   The dogs and children were suitable catered for and to be honest I dont think they even missed us.   We set off and went to Diss,  Framlington and Southwold.  Below are some of my photos,  I especially liked the flag irises I came across in peoples gardens. 

 Everywhere their seemed to be oil seed rape fields, very striking against a rain laden sky.


Another mushroom or toadstool

Signs from another era.

A mummy starling and hungry chick,  the noise it made was amazing for one so small.

On Sunday we stumbled upon the Civic Parade in Southwold the culmination being a Civic Church Service at Saint Edmunds in Southwold.   I was quite taken aback when seeing the RNLI volunteers as they marched past,  these people who put there lives at risk saving people in trouble at sea,  it all brought a lump to my throat.  God bless these brave souls.

Heroes in Southwold

Marching Band

A statue on the Church.

It was a lovely trip away and full of good memories and images.  🙂


3 comments on “Suffolk, Norfolk and some Heroes

  1. Ruth, it looks like a fabulous weekend – great photos as always.

  2. ruthkeys says:

    Thank you 🙂 It was a lovely weekend and totally unexpected

  3. Hello 😀 See where blog hopping gets a girl … she finds new-to-her blogs. Lovely to meet you, and holidaying in my favourite corner of the world. Oh to be in Walberswick now that summer’s here, or somesuch. We have friends near Framlingham with a lovely little cottage they used to let us stay in. We’re still friends I should add, it’s just that our growing pack of dogs (seven last time I counted) are rather too many for a tiny pied-à-terre.

    Lovely photographs 😀

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