Toadstools and Faeries

I went out for a short walk around our church and came across this arc of toadstools, or “faerie ring”.   It was really odd as just before I went out i had read a blog post on Chest of Delights and it was about faeries.  Faerie rings are supposedly a way into our world from the world of the faeries/elves/pixies.   So maybe we have a magical creature wandering around our village?   They were amazing to look at and I had never seen them on this patch of grass before.

Also I took some pictures of other things in the vicinity.   There is a plaque on the church wall commemorating the visit of  George V  in 1912.  He surveyed the troops outside of the church, during the Army manoeuvres  of 1912.  it is in a sorry state and we are hoping to get it renovated.   These are some of the words written on it.

George V.  R.I.

Our King in mellow autumn tide

Here viewed a bloodless fray;

May duty,  love and peace abide

To bless him day by day.

It was a delightful walk and the following photos are what I encountered!     Apologies for the obsession with ladybirds continuing in this post, but they do seem to be everywhere at the moment.

Ladybird gathering

 Ladybird at lunch

Just to prove the sun was out, Daisies

The Church sundial

Another mushroom,  but  a solitary one.  I love the edging pattern, its so beautiful.


4 comments on “Toadstools and Faeries

  1. it is just that kind of weekend, don’t you think. The fairy ring is exquisite and I love the church.
    It is also the year for lady birds, we have a plethora of 7 spot ones in the garden, park, city… just about everywhere.

  2. Erilyn says:

    Ruth, such beautiful photos! They are all so textual and gorgeous colours. Thank you!

  3. ruthkeys says:

    Thanks for your kind comments! I hope you both have a good week 🙂 Ruth

  4. MILLY says:

    Beautiful details captured, the toadstools are wonderful, just love the ladybirds too. Church yards are fascinating places, love all your photographs.

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