Early Morning

What a lovely day to wake up to!   No dark rain laden clouds,  just blue sky and a warm sun.    It was a lovely walk with my dogs and along the way we encountered lots of wonderful things!

I am now set up for the day,  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.

These horses were enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Forget me not in the dappled morning sun

Horse Chestnut blossom buds waiting to open

A beautiful moon in the blue sky

A snail rushing somewhere?

Our local sheep and lambs waiting for the farmer to arrive with the daily bucket of food.


4 comments on “Early Morning

  1. thesockgarden says:

    Super pics – what a lovely start to the day. I really like the one with the moon, the way it’s positioned makes it look as though the moon is the head on a tall stick giraffe 🙂 Shaz x

  2. ruthkeys says:

    Ha Ha!! your post made me laugh…. A very thin underfed giraffe. Thank you for posting Ruth 😉

  3. Lovely photos! I love how many forget-me-nots are around at the moment!

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment, your pictures are fabulous too, although we are way ahead of you on the chestnut candles. Must be much colder in the fens than on the edge of the wolds. Hope you too find faeries at the bottom of the garden.

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