Favourite flowers?

I am doing a survey of what are people’s favourite flowers.   It gives me practice doing data collection and so I can put it into some software and learn how to do it.   So please let me know your favourite flower.  Also your favourite colour.   It would  help me greatly and I would like to know what people like  🙂
Love the curly tendrils
One from my mum’s garden
So beautiful

Wordle: Untitled

Also my favourite colour is Orange
I used wordle to do the above, it was fun to do

9 comments on “Favourite flowers?

  1. Erilyn says:

    Hi Ruth, I love all your flowers! But I especially like close-ups so that there is a different perspective. These ones today look so beautiful – hope you use them to make cards?

  2. Hi Ruth,I wasn't sure if you want a vote on your flower photos or my own personal favorite. If it is your photos, the first one with the tendril is just beautiful. My personal favorite is a blue hydrangea, but there are so many that I love! My favorite color is blue. Thanks for asking!

  3. Ruth says:

    Thank you kind ladies. Its a delight to see your comments. 🙂

  4. Kim Henkel says:

    Ruth your photos are just lovely! I really couldn't pict a favourite. As for my favourite flower, I have so many, but they are nearly always wild flowers.

  5. MILLY says:

    Beautiful photographs Ruth. I spent a while looking through all your photographs, always lovely. And the wedding shoes just stunning.My favourite flowers are scented, ones you wait all year for, bluebells, primrose, violet, honeysuckle, lavender, Lily of the valley and sweet peas. Colours , I love pinks of roses and peony. I find it hard to pick one!Thank you for your lovely comments, always nice to find them.Millyx

  6. Hello Ruth,I am so glad I came to visit you tonight! What a wonderful question you are asking us. I am passionate about flowers and gardens and it is well nigh impossible to choose between all the flowers in the world….. I have a particular fondness for snowdrops as they herald the beginning of it ALL: the explosion of spring followed by the heady summer floraison. Also because two of my children are born around the time snowdrops appear so I'm sentimental about these delicate flowers.My favourite colour is pink.I shall return….Stephanie

  7. Pomona says:

    Violets and lavender – and teal is my favourite colour!Pomona x

  8. meadowsweet and lavender for scent. Honeysuckle. Red roses that are dark as velvet, but again only when they have tha deep scent.And red, or French Ultra Marine, the blue of a pharoes lapis lazuli

  9. Such lovely photos. Mine would be the daisy (in white), but I also love dog-roses that grow in the hedgerows – sort of pinky/peachy/orangey colour.

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