A butterfly, a snail, a ladybird and Ely Cathedral

Yesterday it was a very busy day as I was going to watch the ordination of some friends at Ely Cathedral.  Before the event it was the usual dog walking and the butterflies were everywhere but they were on flitting all over the place.  After endless chases and disappointments I finally caught up with this one.  The detail on the wings were amazing so glad I managed to capture them in the photograph.

A Painted Lady
Other things spied was this ladybird on a seed head
 a wonderful snail shell  
Later I was off to Ely Cathedral to attend an Ordination Service, it was a grand event and the Ely Cathedral Choir were magnificent and the whole service was lovely.
Ely Cathedral the spire above the main door
The stain glassed window next to where I was sitting.
All in all a very busy day and a memorable one too!

3 comments on “A butterfly, a snail, a ladybird and Ely Cathedral

  1. Just love your first photo of the 'Painted Lady' the underside of its wing is beautiful.

  2. Ruth says:

    Thank you so much for your kind comment. It is amazing what nature can produce! 🙂

  3. Pomona says:

    The photos of the butterfly and the ladybird are quite wonderful!Pomona x

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