Rubber Ducks and Shells

Two friends and I went to Hunstanton to explore the seaside for our forthcoming theme in school.  One of the books we are using is the Eric Carle book ’10 Rubber Ducks’, this wonderful and vibrant picture book is based on a true story about a consignment of plastic toys which were lost at sea and there subsequent arrival on beaches all over the world.   I have read the full account in a book by Donovan Hohn called ‘Moby-Duck’.  The story is fascinating!  

We needed photographs to use with the topic so with my trusty camera I set about the job,  thought that I would post a small selection.  

Our ten rubber ducks just paddling on Hunstanton beach
They look so happy!
Sky, sea and sand
Black headed gull
A real duck family out and about.
Bits and bobs of shells picked up on the shoreline.

5 comments on “Rubber Ducks and Shells

  1. What a gorgeous beach, and beautiful photos.I don't think I've ever seen a black headed gull here. Lots of herring gulls. And a few of those yellow duckies here and there, 0)julie

  2. Ruth says:

    Julie, thank you for your kind words and yes those duckies do get around. Even seen one in my bathroom! 🙂

  3. A little song is bubbling around in my head about those ten little ducks!

  4. Love the shells that you found Ruth – combing the beach for 'treasure' is such fun, don't you think? Lesley

  5. Kim Henkel says:

    Great pictures! and I too have one of those little duckies in my bathroom – they do make me smile! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.Kim

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