Today we got up and drove to Blakeney and took the dogs for a walk along the marsh paths.  It was bright and sunny but with a cool breeze.  It was wonderful!
I particularly was intrigued by the boat skeleton.   The boat had lots of tales to tell, if only it could speak?

Boat skeleton
Reed beds
Solitary goldfinch
Then it was on to Holt to visit a friend.   She was delighted to see our two dogs “Gunner” and “Morgan”,  we spent a nice time chatting in her bookshop and then purchased some wonderful books.
The bookshop is Holt Bookshop and its a real treasure trove!  The above was just a selection which we ended up buying.   The book “Drawing Nature” by  Agathe Ravet-Haevermans should help me get to grips with a ladybird which I have been putting into a art piece I am doing.  So hopefully it will make it on to my blog soon.   🙂   
All in all it has been a good day.

One comment on “Blakeney

  1. Your boat skeleton is really beautiful. I love the weathered wood and that some of the boards have rotted away. You are right, there are lots of tales there. Thanks for sharing your outing!

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