I have just been out walking my two dogs “Gunner” and “Morgan”.  (They are the family’s, three and one year old rhodesian ridgebacks.)  They love life and their walks are always about sniffing everything, constantly  peering at things they discover when out and about.   Today I did some peering and was amazed at what wonderful patterns are all around.  I saw lichens which were vibrant and bright,  and my own flower tubs are amazing to see!

 Lichens on a gravestone
 Lichens and mosses on our wall
Succulents in one of my flower tubs


Happy New Year

Welcome to Pushka’s Marbles and this is my first post and its 1st January  2011.  
Everyday out in the real world there is something wonderful to see and my aim is to try and convey these things through words and pictures in my blog.   I have been inspired by reading other peoples blogs and until today had been talking about it and never actually starting one.  My hope this year is that my resolve stands firm and I do what i say and stop putting things off.  This includes my art projects,  of which I have many and which never come to fruition.
So onwards to a more productive 2011 and the wonder which life has for us.

Snow on a tree